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200 Years of Navier-Stokes

So far, did the school meet your expectations ?

Was the level of the lectures satisfactory ?

Was the scientific content of the lectures relevant ?

Was the pedagogical aspect of the lectures satisfactory ?

Have the announces topic of the week program been covered ?

Did you acquire new knowledge ?

Have exchanges and interactions with lecturers and other participants being of interest to you ?

Do you have any comment or suggestion for improvement of the lectures, schedule, etc.?

Regarding the school site, how would you qualify the quality of the lecture room ?

How would you qualify the main building, in terms of spaces for interactions, for personal work, to relax, etc. ?

Did you use the library ?

Do you have any suggestion for reference books that could be added to the library ?

How is your room (confort, cleanliness, etc.) ?

How do you find the qualtity of the restaurant and food ?

Did you enjoy using the foyer / bar ?

Did you use some of the proposed leisure equipments ?

Do you have any suggestion of other equipments that the school could provide for leisure activities ?

Do you have any suggestion to improve the site, housing, restaurant, etc. ?